Welcome from the President

Martin John

"Thank you for your interest in joining the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine. We not only project the highest standards to the public and government and offer first class safety, legal and professional support but we also are lucky to have one of the friendliest and warmest communities of Chinese medicine members, ready to help you on your journey. Find out more below about RCHM member benefits and how to apply."

Professional benefits of RCHM membership

  • Listing in the RCHM members directory
  • Use of the RCHM and EHTPA Herbmark logos projecting the most recognised and highest UK standards of practice
  • Permission to use the letters MRCHM after your name
  • Access to reduced rate on professional insurance cover through Balens'. Can also cover acupuncture.
  • Connection to the global network of high standards herbal medicine bodies and institutions

Community benefits of RCHM membership

  • The RCHM is one of the most supportive and dynamic Chinese herbal medicine communities in the world with members falling over themselves to help each other at every opportunity
  • Join our forum and Facebook practitioner share group where you can interact with your fellow members and all of the biggest names in Chinese herbal medicine
  • Share, learn and network at our member only events at the Bristol Chinese Herb Garden 
  • Join our world-class Chinese Herbal Medicine research network with all of the prominent UK academics culminating each year in our annual research conference

    Continuing Professional Development in the RCHM

    • Join the 'New Practitioners' Scheme' where you can find a supervisor who will mentor you for the first two years of your practice.
    • Countless events each year online and in-person where members support each other in every way, from clinical practice to herbal safety to help with your business
    • Receive the RCHM Journal twice a year with first-class articles and research to support you in your practice
    • An active research community to support you if you wish to pursue an academic career

    Safety & Legal Support

    • The RCHM actively works to support you to be compliant with all UK law and good practice.
    • Receive professionally compiled twice yearly summaries of research relevant to the latest safety issues in Chinese herbal medicine (as requested by prior judicial judgement)
    • Regular free member-only CPD sessions on safe practice and access to the permanent member safe practice video archive 
    • Member-only document archive on dispensary best practice, herbal medicines law and restricted substances
    • The RCHM will answer your individual questions on issues of safe practice and support you in the rare occurrence of legal action

    Be part of the solution:
    Support the future of CHM in the UK

    Chinese Herbal Medicine needs your help. By being an RCHM member you support the future existence and health of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the UK in the following ways

    • By being part of the high standards community, you reassure both the public and the government. The law which allows herbal medicine practice was always implicitly tied to the existence of good voluntary regulation with high standards practitioners.
    • Your membership fee supports our vital work to support practitioners to practice safely and keep herbal medicine practice legal and effective for future generations.

    Pathways to full membership

    Taking an accredited course

    The main pathway to membership is to take a course that has been accredited by the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA). Graduates of EHTPA accredited courses are automatically eligible for RCHM members.

    Find out more about EHTPA accredited courses

    Entry through interview

    The RCHM accepts applications for membership from graduates of non-EHTPA accredited courses in two situations:

    - the course was taken overseas
    - the course was taken in the UK no less than 7 years prior to application

    In both cases, the course must be equivalent to the accreditation standards set by the EHTPA. Additional training and experience undertaken subsequent to the course will be taken into consideration as a mitigating factor. 

    For those who would like to apply through the interview route, you may find full details and the application form below:

    Download the Guide to Applying via Interview

    Download the Interview Route Application Form

    Overseas membership

    For Chinese medicine practitioners who live and work overseas, the RCHM offers an 'overseas' membership at a lower rate. The requirements for application are the same as full membership and successful applicants will be listed on the directory. If you would like to apply to become an overseas member, you may contact the office at [email protected].

    Friends of the RCHM

    If you are a member of the public and you would like to support us, you can join the RCHM with a small annual fee. By becoming a member you will

    • support the vital work of the RCHM
    • receive RCHM newsletters by email
    • receive discounts to RCHM public events
    The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine is registered in England under company number 14001848 at 21-27 Lambs Conduit Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3GS (no visitors).
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