The RCHM takes issues of safety, ethics and sustainability of herbal medicine supply very seriously. For this reason the RCHM Approved Supplier's Scheme was launched in 2004. The RCHM actively encourages its members to source their ingredients from suppliers on the approved list. 

When receiving treatment with herbal medicines from companies that are on the Approved Supplier's Scheme, patients may be assured of the following:

The highest standards of safety are applied

Every herbal supplier on the RCHM Approved Supplier's Scheme is audited annually by a trained pharmaceutical auditor. To qualify, a company must 

  • have personnel trained in quality assurance
  • meet minimum standards in handling and storing herbal medicines
  • be able to accurately identify and source herb species
  • be able to track herb batches in the event of a product recall

No illegal trade in endangered species is permitted

Approved suppliers must comply with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

No animal cruelty is involved 

UK law on herbal medicines does not permit the sale of animal products. For this reason, patients may be assured that RCHM members will never use any products that are the result of animal cruelty. 

RCHM members are driven by a strong ethical code and are passionate about changing the industry for the better. For this reason, the RCHM has partnered with Animals Asia, an organisation that campaigns against cruelty in the treatment of animals, most notably the black bear. 

Sustainability is a core principle. 

Core to the principles of Chinese medicine is a deep respect for nature. The RCHM is deeply committed to a sustainable future where farmers are supported to grow herbs in a way that can continue for future generations. Sustainability issues are raised with suppliers through the EHTPA Herbal Practitioners Supply Standards meetings. Sustainability content has also been added to foundational education for our students.

RCHM Approved Suppliers Scheme

The RCHM Approved Suppliers Scheme ensures a safe, ethical and sustainable supply of herbal medicines to our practitioner members to provide to their patients. RCHM Approved Suppliers are subject to stringent annual audits by professional experts. Patients who visit RCHM practitioners that use approved suppliers can be reassured by the high standard of service that they will receive.

The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine is registered in England under company number 14001848 at 21-27 Lambs Conduit Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3GS (no visitors).
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