At the RCHM we feel that
as a patient you should be able to:

  • trust your practitioner
  • trust the herbal medicines given to you
  • trust your acupuncture treatment
  • ensure that the practitioner is trained to a high level

Practitioners that you can trust

All RCHM practitioners: 

  • adhere to the RCHM Code of Ethics and Practice to ensure that you receive the highest quality and standard of care
  • meet high minimum standards of training
  • adhere to the RCHM Dispensary Code of Practice
  • are also members of the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA), the leading body setting the highest standards across the entire herbal medicine industry

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    Herbal medicines that are safe, ethical and sustainable

    Under the RCHM Approved Supplier's Scheme, we audit herbal suppliers to ensure that they provide herbal medicines under the highest UK standards. The RCHM is also committed to sustainability and regularly introduces new measures to reduce the environmental impact of herbal medicine production and supply.

    RCHM Approved Suppliers only supply herbal medicines:

    • that are legal for sale in the UK
    • that are checked for safety and contamination
    • that comply with international law governing the sale of endangered species
    • that are botanical ingredients (UK law forbids the sale of animal products)

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    Acupuncture that you can trust

    RCHM practitioners that have acupuncture listed on their profile:

    • have a minimum degree-level training in acupuncture
    • only use one-use disposable needles and adhere to clean needle technique
    • adhere to the RCHM Code of Practice for Acupuncture 

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    Practitioners with high-level training

    All RCHM practitioners:

    • have degree-level training in Chinese herbal medicine from EHTPA accredited courses or equivalent
    • have undertaken training in all aspects of safe practice
    • receive regular safe practice training and commit to ongoing annual CPD
    • are trained how to manage patient care in all eventualities

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    The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine is registered in England under company number 14001848 at 21-27 Lambs Conduit Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3GS (no visitors).
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